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Despite their fleeting nature pop-up channels have become increasingly popular in recent years. There are a few reasons for this trend. For viewers, pop-up channels grant access to content they can't find anywhere else. This is especially true for channels with special interest or event-based programming covering music festivals, sports tournaments or cultural festivals.

How to create a personalized, exclusive and successful pop-up channel

For broadcast and media companies, pop-up channels are a great opportunity to generate new revenue streams by partnering with advertisers or offering paid subscriptions.

In this article we will explain to you what pop-up channels are and how to create a successful pop-up channel in three steps.

What is a pop-up channel?

A pop-up channel is a temporary or short-lived television channel that is created to deliver specific content. Pop-up channels are often used to show live events, such as sports games or concerts – that’s why they are also known as event channels. Alternately they showcase special programming such as holiday-themed content or movie marathons. Broadcasters, publishers and content owners create those channels to offer unique and timely content to their viewers, or as a promotional tool to generate interest in a particular event or program.

Why you should create a pop-up channel for your business

A pop-up channel is an effective way to connect with prospective customers and fans while delivering a unique viewing experience. The content that can be shared through this type of channel includes:

  • Movies and TV shows
  • Product launches
  • Special promotions
  • Interviews
  • Customer stories
  • Educational videos and more

Pop-up channels offer the opportunity for businesses to reach an audience quickly and cost-effectively. These channels are especially beneficial for companies that have limited budgets or have tight timelines.


3 tips on how to make your pop-up channel stand out

Tip 1: Choose an interesting topic 

Your pop-up channel should be about something that people will find interesting. It should be unique and different from the rest of the content. 

Tip 2: Be creative

A pop-up channel is the perfect opportunity to be creative and test new formats at moderate costs. Think outside the box and come up with an original concept.

Tip 3: Keep it short-lived

Pop-up channels by their very nature are temporary, so don’t try to make them last forever. Because they're only available for a limited time, people feel like they need to watch them while they can. This creates a sense of urgency that helps boost ratings and gets people talking about the channel.

How makalu’s technology helps you to run a successful pop-up channel

When it comes to ensuring success, finding the right playout product is essential. And the best way to get a great playout is to use a cloud playout automation. Why? Because cloud playout is…

  • More reliable than an on-premises solution. Since it is hosted in the cloud, there are no issues with hardware or software compatibility.
  • More scalable than an on-premises solution. You can easily add or remove channels as your needs change.
  • Easy to use. You don't need to worry about setting up and managing complex hardware and software systems.
  • More cost-effective than an on-premises solution. With makalu for example you only pay for what you use, so you can save money as your needs change.

Conclusion: Pop-up channels provide maximum reach within a short amount of time

Overall, pop-up channels offer numerous advantages for broadcasters, publishers and content owners — making them an ideal solution for businesses looking to maximize their reach within a short amount of time. Creating short-lived channels is easy and affordable. Therefore, pop-up channel playout is also a great way to test new formats. Since you don't have to pay to keep the channel on air all year round, savings can be passed on to viewers in the form of lower prices. This makes a cloud playout automation the perfect fit for short-term capacity expansion for temporary or recurring events and productions.

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