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Linear live
Still a good way to reach your audience

There has been a lot of talk about the death of linear TV lately. But is it really dying? Linear live channels are still the most popular way to watch television – especially when it comes to live events such as sports or news. This is because they offer a sense of community and shared experience other formats cannot provide. In the following article we will explain to you what linear live channels are, its benefits and why linear tv is still a good way to reach your audience.

How to set up an engaging linear live channel

A linear live channel refers to a television or video broadcast that is transmitted and watched in real-time. In contrast to non-linear on-demand content such as videos-on-demand or streaming formats, the term "linear" accordingly emphasizes the linear flow of the content. A linear live channel typically consists of a scheduled programming lineup with shows and commercials airing in a specific order. In short, linear live is classic television.

Why linear TV is still a good way to reach your audience

Linear live channels provide a high level of engagement that other platforms simply can't match. Viewers are required to watch commercials and can't fast forward through them. This ensures that brands and advertisers get their message across to viewers. Another reason why linear tv is still relevant is because it reaches a large audience. There are over 1 billion homes worldwide that have a television, and many people still watch linear TV on a daily basis. This means that broadcasters, publishers and content owners can reach a large number of people with their content. 


The benefits of cloud playout regarding linear live channels

Setting up a linear live channel can be a complex and expensive process, especially if you want to offer high-quality HD or 4K content. This is where cloud playout comes in. Cloud software solutions like makalu allow broadcasters, publishers and content owners to create and manage linear live channels more easily and affordably. Simply by running the channel from the cloud, rather than from on-premises hardware. 

This has several advantages:

  • First, it reduces the upfront costs of setting up a linear live channel – investment in expensive equipment isn't needed.
  • Second, it makes your channel more scalable and flexible, as you can easily add and remove content as needed.
  • And third, it makes the channel more reliable as there is no single point of failure.

Getting started with a linear live channel using cloud playout

1. Choose a cloud playout provider

Research and select a cloud playout provider that fits your needs, taking into account factors such as cost, reliability, and scalability.

2. Prepare your content

Gather and organize the video and audio files you want to broadcast and make sure that they meet the technical requirements of the cloud playout provider.

3. Set up your cloud playout account

Create an account with the cloud playout provider and configure it to meet your specific requirements, such as the type of channel, the target audience and the broadcast schedule.

4. Integrate your systems

Integrate your cloud playout account with your other systems such as your video server, your automation system, and your transmission system. makalu covers every step in the process.

5. Test and launch

Test the setup of your linear live channel and make any necessary adjustments before launching the channel to your audience.

6. Monitor and maintain

Continuously monitor the performance of your linear live channel and take proactive steps to maintain its reliability and quality. makalu offers several control instances. 





Tips for getting the most out of your linear live channel

1. Make sure you have a clear purpose or focus

What are you trying to achieve with your channel? What kind of content do you want to produce?

2. Engage with your audience regularly

Live channels are all about interaction and engagement. The more you interact with your viewers, the more likely they are to stick around and keep watching.

3. Be consistent

Schedule your program so that your viewers know when to expect interesting content from you.

4. Monetize your content

Linear live channels are still profitable for those who create and distribute content. Although advertising revenues have declined in recent years, linear TV remains one of the most efficient ways to monetize content. This is because advertisers are willing to pay more for ad space on linear live channels than on other platforms such as digital streaming services.

Conclusion: Linear live channels are still the most popular way to watch TV

For all these reasons, it's clear that linear live channel TV is still a relevant platform for broadcasters, publishers and content owners. It provides engagement, reach and profitability that other platforms simply can't match.

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