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Pop-up & event channel playout with makalu POPUP

Pop-up channels have enjoyed great popularity among broadcast and media companies and viewers alike in recent years. They can be launched easily with a limited budget and at short notice for a specific event or occasion. Businesses also use their own pop-up channels to build brand presence and engagement by delivering exclusive content to viewers who opt into the channel. Therefore, pop-up channel playout is ideal for broadcasters, publishers and content owners who need a fast and cost-efficient way to reach out to many people.

Offer thematic viewing experiences

Provide your audiences with content tailored to their interests by spinning up pop-up and event channels. Cloud-based production and distribution with makalu POPUP enables you to quickly create, provision, test, and operate a channel. It offers flexible distribution options and enables media companies to demission a channel shortly after its duration ends.

  • Start pop-up channels at short notice only when they are actually needed 
  • Deliver customized content with limited duration  
  • Shut channels down immediately afterwards  
  • Easily test new markets and take channels down again just as quickly

Core benefits

Fast and easy spin-up

makalu enables flexible temporary channel usage.

Usage-based pricing model

Shift expenses from CapEx to OpEx and only pay what you use.

Reliable support

Live-feed support with event-based recording.

Wide variety of platforms

Cloud-based "no-time-to-market" channel origination for the broadcast and fast growing OTT market.

Easy monetization

High monetization capabilities through dynamic ad insertion.


Tailor-made solution through customization: Expe­rienced broadcast technology experts and highly skilled software developers.

Limited duration, endless Involve­ment
Launch multiple channels to create tailor-made viewing experience with live or shelved content.

PopUp Channel

Fits your budget

Go for a fair "pay-as-you-grow" strategy to lower your operational and capital costs.

Highly scalable and flexible

Adapt the solution to your needs at any time.

100% remote

Web-based, location-independent configuration and usage. Operate from anywhere at any time.

Full service needed?

If desired, we take care of your pop-up business.

Core compo­nents


Included Asset Uploader to upload content. Files are automatically processed (e.g. thumbnail, low-res video file and media information).


Includes traffic component for strategic/operative as well as rough/daily planning.


Auto­mation and playout graphics in one system. Graphics can be scheduled or triggered by the operator.


One or more players running on playout instances in single or 1+1/m+n redundancy mode, that are seamlessly playing video files from a playlist.

Ad insertion

A dynamic ad triggering feature enables to signal ad insertion opportunities that can be used by downstream systems to automatically replace content parts.


Integrated ingest solution for batch, crash, loop and schedule recording. Suitable for use in professional studio environments as well as for compliance recording. 

Tailored to your needs

makalu can be tailored to your needs and your company. Together, we analyze your requirements and define the best configuration. Scalable and adaptable – for the future success of your business.


Expe­rience how we support your company.

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