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High-quality video content can be easily shot, edited and showcased with the right tools

Corporate websites aren’t always engaging. They display too much text and too little (moving) images. Professional video content is very much in vogue – after all, it offers the opportunity to present even the most complex issues in a clear way. Perhaps you have already considered showcasing your company in another way. So why not learn from the best and present the organization like successful streaming or TV channels that supply their audiences with attractive live and shelved content?

What do I need to create a TV channel for our company?

More and more companies want to establish connections with colleagues in a workforce model that’s more and more globally dispersed. They must engage audiences who are already inundated with commercial messages and accustomed to streaming videos during their leisure time. They want to gather insights on corporate video assets that are currently scattered across multiple, incompatible systems within organizations – with them to be underused, unmanageable and losing value in the end. They have to host events such as user conferences or investor meetings while making it more cost-effective for both hosts and attendees alike. Finally, these companies want to enhance revenue opportunities by improving fragmented experiences among audiences used to an always-on experience.

The good news is: The technology required to do all this and create a company TV channel is already available – high-quality video content can be easily shot, edited and showcased with the right tools. In addition, you may have extensive content material just waiting to be published for the first time or republished. Now all you need is the right cloud playout solution to distribute your content to the various audiences you want to aim at.

Before consolidating all of this into one place – your corporate TV channel – there are some things you should do.

Define your business objective

Do you aim at capturing new leads or moving them through the funnel? At upselling existing customers or streaming conferences? Do you want to tell involving stories or recruit new employees? Or is educating customers, sharing company news, launching new products or even reinventing the brand your goal.

Consider different types of channels

These business objectives determine which output frequency serves you best. Do you want to broadcast event-based or on a regular basis? makalu cloud playout enables companies to easily spin up these types of channels:

  • Linear live channels (Link) for companies that want to deliver their video content in a scheduled mode
  • Pop-up and event channels (Link) for companies that want to set up short-lived streams for a specific occasion such as trade fairs or company events
  • FAST channels (Link) for companies that want to combine the comfort of traditional broadcast with the ability to monetize their special interest content through ad sales

Deliver to different platforms to broaden your audience

With video content being a major part of your communication strategy, ensure that it has broadcast quality. To broaden your audience, you might choose a cloud playout automation like makalu that comes with multi-platform delivery function – so your videos can be distributed to broadcast, IPTV, OTT and social media platforms and any device – smartphone, laptop, computer and connected TV.

Monitor the performance of your channel

Watch the success of each video to evaluate what is most popular. Find out which content your viewers are drawn to and how long they stay engaged. Are customers responding favorably, such as making purchases? Protect against any unauthorized access or tampering with material that could compromise sensitive data like networks, customer info and accounts.

When you keep these considerations in mind, you can take full advantage of a corporate television channel to present your company in a modern way and for connecting customers, staff and patrons alike.

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What do you want to create?

Linear live channel

Create, run and access your channels from anywhere.

FAST channel

Manage and monetize your content easily.

Pop-up & event channel

Start, provision and operate channels for a limited time.

What is your business?

Content owner

We have lots of content we want to distribute profitably.


We want to work more flexibly, efficiently and cost-effectively.


We want to establish new business models and revenue streams.