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Linear live channel playout with makalu LINEAR

The Internet has completely redefined the concept of television and entertainment. Today, we watch shows, sport events and even movies on so-called “Over-the-Top platforms” (OTT platforms) that we access over the Internet – from on-demand services like Netflix to Hulu TV to live linear services like Sling TV and fuboTV among many others.

Seize the opportunity to start and manage your linear live channel from anywhere with our cloud playout solution makalu LINEAR!

Launch linear live channels on the fly

Designed to run on most public or hosted private clouds as well as on virtualized environments, makalu LINEAR includes all necessary applications for:

  • ingest,
  • automation,
  • graphics and
  • playout

In a ready-to-use, scalable, and expandable package solution, supporting multiformat and multiplatform video distribution.

  • Start linear live channels in record time  
  • Use channel origination for IPTV, OTT, FAST and broadcast
  • Adapt to changing business requirements much faster and more cost efficient than any physical on-prem system

Core benefits

Fast and easy

New channels can go live in record time. Fast and easy spin-up of channels.


Usage-based pricing model OpEx). Scale to your needs and pay-as- you-go. Cost-effective realization of new channels.

Intuitive GUI

Easy to use user interface, developed by UI experts. Users can run channels from their browsers without a tech department.

Live-feed support

Live-feed support with event-based recording.

Optimal integration

Optimal integration into existing infrastructure through full compatibility with existing systems.

Fully featured

Cloud playout automation with broadcast-grade functionality.

Jump into linear TV
Reach audiences at a specific time, on a specific date – and on a specific channel.

Camera man

Fantastic GUI

Simple and intuitive user interface not only for last-minute operations.

Broadcast-grade functionality

Full-featured product with end-to-end workflow – ingest, schedule, transcoding, graphics, playout, ad insertion.

100% remote

Web-based, location-independent configuration and usage. Operate from anywhere at any time.

Full service needed?

If desired, we take care of your linear live business.

Core compo­nents


Included Asset Uploader to upload content. Files are automatically processed (e.g. thumbnail, low-res video file and media information).


Includes traffic component for strategic/operative as well as rough/daily planning.


Auto­mation and playout graphics in one system. Graphics can be scheduled or triggered by the operator.


One or more players running on playout instances in single or 1+1/m+n redundancy mode, that are seamlessly playing video files from a playlist.

Ad insertion

A dynamic ad triggering feature enables to signal ad insertion opportunities that can be used by downstream systems to automatically replace content parts.


Integrated ingest solution for batch, crash, loop and schedule recording. Suitable for use in professional studio environments as well as for compliance recording. 

Tailored to your needs

makalu can be tailored to your needs and your company. Together, we analyze your requirements and define the best configuration. Scalable and adaptable – for the future success of your business.


Expe­rience how we support your company.

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