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Many have predicted the death of classic television. But the opposite is the case: Linear programming is celebrating a comeback. But how could it come to this? One of the reasons behind its resurrection is cloud playout. Cloud playout brings back a lot of what made the linear experience so successful.

Cloud broadcasting enables traditional linear channels

Through cloud playout, traditional linear channels have their share of online audiences and revenues. Cloud broadcasting lets you create channels and program schedules that are very similar to traditional television channels. Contrary to traditional broadcast solutions, these linear live channels serve the growing online audience, enable cloud workflows and offer the ability to switch between live and pre-recorded or shelved content while streaming. Programs are delivered via satellite, web, mobile apps, livestreams and social channels.

Linear live channels attract more and more viewers

Not only has the lockout caused subscription videos on demand (SVOD) to grow rapidly, but linear television also gained viewership. Many consumers are simply overwhelmed by the vast selection inherent to streaming services. Programmed television, on the other hand, offers stability and routine in a world where everything else seems to be changing rapidly.


Cloud playout software wins over traditional playout

In using the flexibility of the cloud, a software-based playout automation like makalu is easing the way live linear channels are created, managed, distributed and viewed. It enables media companies to launch linear live TV channels faster and deliver content more efficiently. The following benefits illustrate the superiority of a cloud playout solution.

Instant deployability: Media companies simply spin up channels in an instance in the cloud, configure it and start broadcasting. You don't need hardware and you don't have to wait months for installation and configuration to be completed.

Cost-effectiveness: Cloud playout solutions can be more cost-effective than traditional playout solutions, which often require significant upfront investments in hardware and infrastructure. Cloud solutions, on the other hand, allow broadcasters to pay only for the resources they use, which can make it more affordable to launch and operate linear channels.

Flexibility: Cloud playout solutions like makalu are much more flexible than traditional playout, which often require significant lead time to make changes to programming. With makalu, you can quickly adjust your programming schedules and content offerings to meet changing viewer demands.

Scalability: Cloud playout solutions are also highly scalable, which means that broadcasters, publishers and content owners can easily add or remove channels as needed to meet changing market conditions.

Improved distribution: With cloud playout solutions, channels can be distributed easily via a multitude of platforms that help reach new audiences and expand the market reach.

Linear channels provide stability in a changing world

Linear live is making a comeback due to several factors such as greater adoption of live/linear TV, younger audiences discovering stability provided by linear live TV in a rapidly changing world, and cloud playout offering broadcasters great flexibility and easy scalability.

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