Video Distribution

Corporate and enterprise video distribution

The popularity of video as a tool to engage partners and customers is growing. Many companies already have large amounts of content and are constantly developing more. Corporate video is leveraged for many new use cases to reach new audience and engage them better. But as the world of content management rapidly evolves, so too must the tools and processes we use to manage it.

Chances are, your company is one of those that has been producing a lot of video content – and is now thinking about how to distribute it efficiently. Whether it’s corporate branding, product launches and demos, how-to videos, employee trainings or event coverage: Use cases for company content usage are abundant.

Video content as owned media

There is a number of ways to publish and distribute videos and reach target audiences with your stories. Since it gives full control on published content, owned media is a natural choice. Owned media are the channels that a company owns: your company’s blog, social media accounts and newsletters, your website and even your own mobile app for publishing.

But how to get your content there? Traditionally, content distribution and playout automation have been a complex and expensive process, requiring specialized hardware and software. Now, a cloud-based product like makalu makes playout automation more accessible and affordable.

With makalu you can not only use 24/7 linear channels for over-the-air (OTT) platforms. It also serves multiple platforms – e.g., via ad-supported free TV channels (FAST) on connected TV platforms. Short-lived pop-up and event channels are also great for distributing corporate content.

Reach a large audience

Multiplatform content delivery (satellite, cable, web, OTT, IPTV…).

Monetize your content

Complete end-to-end playout workflows.

Get full cost control

Transparent SaaS model with predictable TCO.

100% remote

Web-based, location-independent configuration and usage.

Operation service

If desired, we take care of your playout business.

All-in-one Cloud Playout Auto­mation
for broadcasters, publishers and content owners

What do you want to create?

Linear live channel

Create, run and access your channels from anywhere.

FAST channel

Manage and monetize your content easily.

Pop-up & event channel

Start, provision and operate channels for a limited time.

Who are you?

Content owner

We have lots of content we want to distribute profitably.


We want to work more flexibly, efficiently and cost-effectively.


We want to establish new business models and revenue streams.

Endless opportunities for distributing your content

To market their products and reach a wider audience, more and more companies integrate video into their communications strategy. The opportunities for using recorded or live content in a corporate world with makalu are endless:

  • Raise awareness for your brand and products via multi-platform distribution – broadcast, OTT, IPTV, vMVPD and FAST
  • Deploy your own corporate TV channel quickly and easily
  • Ensure multiplatform delivery of your video content to target audiences worldwide
  • Establish special interest channels on content TV platforms such as Samsung TV Plus, LG, ROKU, Rakuten TV, Pluto TV, or

Tailored to your needs

With makalu you can distribute content easily to existing and new target audiences. Start your own channel experience and benefit from features that make makalu attractive:

  • Ready-to-go cloud-native product
  • Customer-centric development and tailormade delivery
  • Easy cloud adoption
  • Attractively priced
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