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Playout services enables cloud migration

Although on-demand streaming platforms are very popular, linear TV is far from dead. Leading broadcasters, publishers and content owners are not only operating existing linear channels but launching new ones all the time. This is due in no small part to the benefits of cloud-based technologies.

A central component in broadcast and media that enables cloud migration is the playout system. It is operated completely in the cloud and can therefore be administered from anywhere via a browser.

Feeds can be collected easily and without restrictions via the cloud platform, eliminating the need for receivers/decoders or file servers. If the playout system runs in the cloud, other processes and compo­nents can also be operated via the cloud.

Playout software makes it easier than ever to set up and manage channels. When thinking about what product to establish, you’ll have to take several challenges into consideration.

  • How can we integrate a playout solution with our existing systems?
  • Will the new playout be reliable and available 24/7?
  • Can we ensure that our content distributed through the playout solution meets the required standards in terms of audio and video quality?
  • And does the playout automation fit within our budget while still meeting the requirements for quality and reliability?

Handle the demands of live broadcast and publishing

Before the cloud era both content distribution and playout automation used to be complex and expensive: An on-premises solution required specialized hardware and software. A cloud-based playout software like makalu makes your playout automation highly accessible, reliable and affordable.

Working with the highest possible industry standards, you ensure to deliver efficient, high-quality content. Its robust and scalable infrastructure can handle the demands of live broadcast and publishing.

Broadcast-chain operations: work fast and efficiently

makalu is extremely easy and comfortable to use – no more lengthy operator trainings, no more fuzzing around with loads of applications and browser windows open. The fantastically intuitive GUI features multiple drag & drop functionalities, adding even more smoothness to the proceedings.

Thanks to its broadcast-grade control and monitoring functions, makalu conveys the greatest interactivity. That’s what you can do:

  • Playback live programs
  • Schedule programs and shows
  • Insert ads flexibly via SCTE markers
  • Use graphics capabilities (overlays, DVEs, 2D,3D, data sources, etc.)
  • Signal distribution (SDI, ST 2110, NDI, SRT, etc.) and UHD support
  • Scheduling and MAM integration

Fast start-up

Quickly deployed through cloud-native architecture.

Simple to use

Intuitive UI and full online documentation.

Great flexibility

Flexible and dynamic scheduling of content, making it easy to respond to changing circumstances, such as live events or breaking news.

Full scalability

Scalable to accommodate the increasing demands for higher quality and higher definition content.

Easy integration

Thanks to RestAPI and documented interfaces integration with third-party applications is easy.

24/7 support

Access to reliable and expert technical support when encountering any issues.

All-in-one Cloud Playout Auto­mation
for broadcasters, publishers and content owners

What do you want to do?

Linear live channel

We want to distribute lots of video content 24/7 to our audiences at a certain time.

FAST channel

We want to publish our content on relevant platforms and monetize it through advertising.

Pop-up & event channel

We want to set up a temporary channel for special events such as sports, dedicated to special topic or for testing new formats.

Proof of concept

With makalu you can distribute content easily to existing and new target audiences. Start your own channel experience and benefit from features that make makalu attractive:

  • Ready-to-go cloud-native product
  • Customer-centric development and tailormade delivery
  • Easy cloud adoption
  • Attractively priced
  • A Ready-to-go cloud-native product
  • Customer-centric

Just test makalu before deciding whether to purchase it.

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