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How Qvest helped launch the first public-service TV station in Monaco

TVMonaco successfully launched as the first public-service TV station in the principality in a close collaboration with Qvest.

The ambitious project required the expertise of the Qvest Systems Integration and Project Management & PMO team to create a future-proof broadcasting environment, featuring key compo­nents like makalu, the software-defined playout automation, and a bespoke media asset management (MAM) solution.

TVMonaco can be watched in 400 million households worldwide via the TV5 Monde network. 

Establish a dynamic and agile TV station

TVMonaco aimed to establish itself as a dynamic and agile public-service broadcaster capable of delivering daily television programs for both local and international audiences. The challenges were multifaceted, including scalability, fostering collaboration among the station's staff, and streamlining broadcasting workflows. 

The power of innovation

With its future-proof infrastructure, TVMonaco is now poised to deliver high-quality content to its diverse audience, making a significant impact in the media industry. The station's program offerings, including news, sports, environment, and local culture and lifestyle, are well-prepared to captivate and engage both local and international viewers thanks to these Qvest deliveries: 

  • Broadcasting workflows: Qvest conceived and orchestrated all broadcasting workflows, ensuring seamless integration of technology and content creation processes.
  • Playout automation: Qvest implemented its all-in-one playout automation makalu. The solution streamlines the end-to-end signal workflow, including ingest, distribution, storage, transcoding, graphics, and playout.
  • Media Asset Management (MAM): To optimize content management, Qvest introduced an innovative concept by implementing NXTedition, an efficient MAM and newsroom control system (NRCS) solution. This NXTedition installation was one of the world's largest.
  • IT network setup: Qvest also took charge of establishing the TV station's IT network, conducting a needs analysis, developing a comprehensive IT environment, and overseeing installations across all functional areas of TVMonaco.
  • Seamless installation: Working closely with French systems integrator CVS Engineering, Qvest ensured the seamless installation of audio-video infrastructure, studio and gallery setup, and complete wiring in the facilities.

makalu playout automation is a Qvest product designed for managing and distributing linear content to broadcast, IPTV, OTT, and social media platforms. It runs on most public or hosted private clouds as well as on-premises. Users like broadcasters, publishers, and content owners can deliver their content quickly, reliably and at the highest quality on any given device with makalu. 

State-of-the-art broadcasting environment

TVMonaco officially commenced operations on September 1, 2023. Thanks to the collaborative effort between Qvest, TVMonaco, and CVS Engineering, the project was successfully completed within a tight timeframe: The new TV studio and accompanying office space for journalists were completed in just seven months, showcasing the efficiency of the project.  

Now, TVMonaco boasts a state-of-the-art broadcasting environment that is scalable, collaborative, and agile, positioning it to meet the demands of a competitive media landscape with evolving audience preferences. The channel joins the TV5 Monde global French-speaking network, ensuring that it can be seen not only by the 39,000 inhabitants of Monaco, but also by viewers in 400 million households around the world.

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